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A world-class blend of ingredients


Acai Berry

The Acai Berry is found only in the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil. The fruit resembles a large dark purple grape and grows on tall Acai palm trees. The Acai Berry has the highest ORAC Value of any known fruit. Very few people know that it is actually the skin of this unique berry that has the most antioxidant value. After harvesting, the berries are processed (freeze-dried) almost immediately in order to maintain their high antioxidant value and general nutritional content. The Acai used in the Acaiberri blend is vacuum-sealed and freeze-dried, in order to insure that the nutritional and antioxidant properties remain intact. The Acai Berry is extremely nutrient dense, a powerful free radical inhibitor, and contains Omega fatty acids as well. We believe so highly in the Acai Berry that we named our product after it!


The Wolfberry is known throughout the world by many names. It has been called Chinese Wolfberry, and Goji Berry to name a few. The dried Wolfberry extract used in the Acaiberri blend is from the province of Xinjiang, China. The antioxidant value of the Wolfberry is a very close second to the powerful Acai fruit. Some of the unique health benefits of the Wolfberry are its ability to help maintain normal cell growth and active DNA repair. The berry is an excellent oxygen free radical inhibitor.

(aka Goji Berry)



Mangosteen is one of the most powerful high-antioxidant fruits known to man, with an ORAC value only slightly lower than that of the Acai berry and Wolfberry. The Mangosteen fruit contains xanthrones, which have been proven to be very beneficial to one's well being. Dr. James Duke, an ethnobotanist with 30 years at the USDA has conducted studies that suggest that these xanthones strengthen the immune system, and fight infection and disease. It has also been documented in numerous studies that Mangosteen has anti-fatigue and anti-inflammatory properties.


The Elderberry is native to North America. For centuries it has been used for it's unique medicinal properties. It has also been used for wine, liquors, juice, jams and jellies, pies, and cough drops. Recent research indicates that the Elderberry stimulates and builds the immune system. The Elderberry has very powerful antioxidant properties as well, and ranks very high on the ORAC Scale.



The Bilberry is the European cousin of the American Blueberry, resembling and tasting like a blueberry. In addition to its very high antioxidant value, the Bilberry also possesses a variety of added health benefits. The Bilberry supports collagen in the blood vessels of the eye which is believed to sharpen and stabilize vision, especially in older adults. It has been recommended for ailments ranging from gastritis and peptic ulcers, to anti-inflammatory conditions. The Bilberry has been cited in many studies to promote cellular health and to boost the immune system.


The Pomegranate used in the Acaiberri blend is dark Pomegranate juice from Azerbaijan. This particular variety of Pomegranate has a much higher ORAC Value than all other Pomegranate juices known to man. Pomegranate juice contains anthocyanins and tannins (primarily punicalagin) which protects cardiovascular and normal cell function, as well as proper cellular reproduction.



The Acaiberri blend contains juice from the low bush wild blueberry, which has approximately 4 times more antioxidant value than regular blueberry juice. Tufts neuro-scientist James Joseph has performed studies that suggest that the Blueberry improves brain function, primarily concentration and memory retention. Some of the other benefits of Blueberry are to strengthen blood vessels and reduce the damage from strokes. Blueberry also slows macular degeneration of the retina and improves night vision. Since it is a powerful antioxidant, it inhibits the effects from oxygen free radicals which diminish the effects of aging.


The health and nutritional benefits of the Cranberry have been known for decades. Cranberry has a broad spectrum of antibiotic value controlling e.coli and other harmful bacteria in the urinary tract. Improvement in the function of the urinary tract has been established which can prevent bladder infections. It also has been cited as preventing the formation of kidney stones. With an emphasis on health, it is important to note that tests indicate that the Cranberry boosts good cholesterol (HDL). Studies also indicate that Cranberry prevents formation of oral bacteria that leads to gum disease and plaque.



The health benefits of Prune (plum) has been documented in numerous studies. Prune possess a high ORAC Value and unique phytonutrients called neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid. These are very powerful inhibitors of the superoxide anlon radical. These properties have been shown to prevent heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis, and inflammatory symptoms associated with asthma conditions. The prune contains a high amount of fiber and potassium which stabilizes blood pressure, promotes bone health, and increases iron absorption. Studies also indicate that Prune prevents and diminishes the effects of asteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


The health benefits of dark and light grape juice are easily absorbed and utilized by the body. The juice easily converts to a quick source of energy, has a positive effect on platelet activity, promotes healthy cardiovascular function, and prevents clots in the blood. Grape possess flavonoids from nitrioxide which combats atherosclerosis.

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