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Acaiberri Antioxidant Elixir of Life is a unique nutritional health beverage. The proprietary blend of special juices, extracts, and purees were acquired from suppliers from all over the world in order to achieve its high antioxidant and health benefits.

These choice ingredients were formulated to form a balanced and diverse phytonutrient profile to promote health, vitality, and disease prevention. Each ingredient was chosen for their specific health properties and to achieve a daily ORAC Value consistent with sound nutritional practices.

ORAC VALUE (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a method of measuring the antioxidant levels in food and vitamins. The ORAC Assay was first developed in Baltimore by the National Institute on Aging. The USDA Human Nutritional Center at Tufts University has suggested the daily intake ORAC value from food is approximately 5000. The study also suggests that daily intake of appropriate levels of antioxidants may help slow the aging process and protect the body from oxygen free radical damage to the cells.


Why develop a product that uses fruit juices to achieve its high ORAC Value? It is true that many of these special juices are either hard to find or not available in the United States. However, these juices are one of the most economic and safest delivery systems for the body to absorb and utilize high antioxidant values. Some food groups cannot guarantee or may lose large percentages of their antioxidant values by over processing and pasteurization.

Acaiberri Antioxidant Elixir of Life uses Acai Berry (pronounced ah-SIGH-ee), Wolfberry, Elderberry, Bilberry, and Dark Pomegranate, to name a few. These fruits possess some of the highest per gram antioxidant values of any food group with zero cholesterol and none of the drawbacks of some of the other foods.

After thorough research of the most current scientific data, our Research & Development Team has arrived at the consensus that there is not conclusive evidence to substantiate claims that the body can absorb and utilize antioxidant levels that vastly exceed the daily value suggested by the USDA study (5000). The ORAC value of Acaiberri Antioxidant Elixir of Life was calculated and verified using the most current scientific data referencing antioxidant assays conducted by Brunswick Laboratories, Waltham, Massachusetts. The suggested intake of Acaiberi Antioxidant Elixir of Life is one ounce each day. You may drink it straight or with juice, or put it as an ingredient in your health smoothie.

Why not derive the high antioxidant value and health benefits of Acaiberri Antioxidant Elixir of Life from just one source? Remember the old saying, Don't put all of your eggs in one basket? We wanted to form a matrix of elite juices, purees and extracts capitalizing on the antioxidant and unique properties of each ingredient to maximize the nutritional value of our health beverage.






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